Kiss of Revenge by Voltage Inc - Otome Game

Otome Game Review: Kiss of Revenge by Voltage Inc – Junpei Miyashita Route

Miyashita Junpei - Kiss of Revenge by Voltage Inc - Otome Game

Kiss of Revenge is one of my favorite otome games by Voltage Inc. for many reasons. For one, the mc of the story has a stronger personality than most other of their other games. Unlike many other otome games out there, where the mc is either in high school or college (too young T_T), this mc is in her late twenties and is a very good doctor. This set up is much better to relate to… not that I’m smart enough to be a doctor or anything. I’ll talk about the game itself in another post later. 

Of the 4 characters available in this game, Junpei Miyashita’s my absolute favorite. In fact, he’s hands down my favorite Voltage Inc guy so far… and may be my favorite all time character. He’s got the perfect background that I dig: childhood friend who’s been in love with you since forever!! But Voltage had plenty of childhood friend type guys, you say. Yes yes, that’s true, but what makes Junpei stand out from the rest of the gang is that he is assertive and he really love the mc to death from the get go.

Of course, if he appears in every single route trying to get the mc, he’d be annoying, but you can see how hard he tries in Issei Sezaki (the official main guy in the story) to get the mc to like him. And then in his own route, he tries even harder when the mc pushes him away.

In fact, he confesses his love to the mc multiple times in his own route. Oh, how I love assertive guys!! Compared to other childhood friends characters in Voltage Inc games (and even in many other otome games), I don’t think I’ve seen anyone as assertive as him and is not some crazy yandere or player. Many other childhood friend characters would require the mc to do a lot of things before he really starts to like her. Junpei, on the other hand, never got over her since high school ten years ago. He called her up after reuniting with her the first day to tell her he loved her when they were in high school. And that’s what? In chapter 1? ^///^ **squeals like a little girl**

Miyashita Junpei - Kiss of Revenge by Voltage Inc - Otome Game

Since he is the only playable character that is not a doctor, his route is quite different from the rest. He’s a medical equipment salesperson at the hospital that the mc works at, so he plays much more of a supporting role rather than the mentor/supervisor roles that 2 other characters play. This is also wonderful as most other characters in otome games are much more successful than the mc. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a character who is not, yet is not a submissive male. He takes care of the mc and knows what she needs even before she knew it herself.

In one of the scenes, he took one glance at her (literally) and knew she had a fever, when all the other doctors and nurses in the hospital has no idea she’s sick (what incompetent people at the hospital :P). Of course, he then bullies her to taking the rest of the day off to go home and rest, then proceed to stock her fridge with heathly food. Awww~~~~ He’s so perfect!

My favorite part of his route is actually in Another Story, where the mc chooses to give up on your revenge and be with him after that sizzling kiss scene, per above image. \^o^/ She was having trouble coping with her decision of giving up on her revenge, though she doesn’t realize it’s taking a toll on her. But Junpei, being so tuned in to the mc’s every little subtle signs of distress understood what exactly she needed and helped her through it.

What’s more perfect about him? heheh… in the epilogue of his Another Story, he got jealous~~ ❤❤❤ Ok, crazy yandere jealous is not good… (tho I love… kyaaa… did I just admit to that???) but wasn’t there a saying that goes like, “a healthy dose of jealousy keeps the divorce lawyers away”…?? Something like that. Basically, the story goes that you guys go to a Octoberfest in Tokyo and the mc got hit on a couple of times as soon as he goes off to buy something. Of course, my dear Junpei got jealous (❤❤❤) and when they got home… =^.^=

I can’t stop playing and replaying his routes. I hope they get a His POV story and release more sub stories for Junpei soon.


5 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Kiss of Revenge by Voltage Inc – Junpei Miyashita Route”

  1. Omg I didnt read a lot of it because I didnt want to get spoiled, but ur right; I cant read otomes with mcs tht are in high school. I dont like the ones where the mcs is submissive(I think writer is quite a creeper) and should have more personality. I love shyness sometimes too. This character seems amazing, do you know of any android or pc otomes that arent quite the freakshow(without the bipolar, abusive and pedophilic tendencies male choices) in it?


  2. helloooo!
    i’m actually a newbie in otome world, and i googled otome game reviews out of curiousity. you see, i’ve tried downloading an otome game at play store. and then i got bored and i devided to downliad another game. i want to ask several things to you, is that okay?


      1. yay, thank you!
        moving to business, i’m wondering did you buy these otome games or dimply justd ownload this game? if you downloaded it, can i have the adress link?
        i also googled several famous otome games such as diabolic lovers, brother conflict, etc. how can i purchase the subbed version of diabolic lovers? thank youu!
        i will ask you right away if i habe any question again!


      2. Well, depends on what you like to play. There are some “free” ones, but basically, you can only read a number of chapters a day and have to do certain things to accumulate points. Since I an Android user, I’ll be providing Android links below. I believe you can find the same games in Apple Store too.

        OKKO produces some interesting ones, althought I never liked their story endings for some weird reason: OKKO games

        This is another one: Starstruck Love. It’s by Arithmetic. Their game user interface is the same as OKKO’s games, so I thought they were the same company at first, but apparently not.

        Voltage, my favorite otome game apps developer used to have some games with GREE, which also are free, but have limited chapters each day and have to do certain activities in order to move forward in the story. Unfortunately, they are no longer updating so there will be no sub-stories available regularly. But then again, you can always just play their basic stories, which are excellent on their own. Here are some links: Be My Princess for GREE, Celebrity Darling for GREE, and My Sweet Bodyguard for GREE.

        I do buy most of my otome games apps, because the good ones are almost always paid apps. Voltage develops mostly paid apps, but you do get to sample the prologue and at least 1 chapter for each character’s main story (sometimes they have 3 chapter samples), so that’s pretty good as you can try before you buy. They are usually $3.99/main story and $2.99/shorter stories. Here’s Voltage’s app link: Voltage Inc..

        Another good paid otome game app developer is NTT Solmare Corp. They have the Shall We Date series. I think they’re ok, the only problem is that their special CG and their normal CG looks quite different, so you have a disconnected feeling. But here is there link.

        There are some games to choose from, but our selection is nothing like what they have in Japan of course. Most of the developers don’t translate their stories to English, so the pick is slim. But since I did play a couple of the Japanese apps before, I really think we’ve already got some of the best ones here.

        In terms of games like Diabolic Lovers and Brothers Conflict… I don’t believe there are genuine English versions out there. They are Play Station games if I’m not mistaken and I don’t believe they were officially translated. So it may be difficult to get them. I’d just stroll the forums to see if there are any volunteers who’s done the translations and start from there. Sorry, I’m not of much help there. I’ve only played 2 Play Station otome games and one was Hakuoki and the other one was about host clubs… but I played them both in Japanese.

        I’ve known a few PC games to have been translated by volunteers, but they are very hard to find. Since if I play a volunteer translated otome game, it’s usually translated in Chinese rather than English, I’m don’t know where you would find the English ones. Sorry.


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